Philippine Navy Charting the Sea of Ethics Training in the Country

Philippine Navy Charting the Sea of Ethics Training in the Country

The Philippine Navy recently certified 62 Trainers and 5 Master Trainers for The Way To Happiness.  The trainers will then train all 24,000 navy personnel and 25,000 navy reservists by 2018.

Present in the training are representatives from the Civil Military Operations Group (CMOG), Fleet Training and Doctrines Center, Headquarters of the Philippine Navy (HPN), Naval Construction and Engineering Brigade, Naval Education and Training Command (NETC), Naval Intelligence and Security Force (NISF), Naval Logistic Command (NSC), Naval Reserve Command, Naval Sea System Command (NSSC), Philippine Fleet, Philippine Marines, and Philippine Naval Finance Center.

“It is not wrong to hope that there will come a day wherein people could somehow think alike and be united in pursuing the same goal of continuously helping other.  If that will happen, then the problems we are facing would be at the very least easier to resolve,” said Navy FOIC RADM Robert Empedrad.

The Navy training is part of the Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) – TWTH Diyakatra (Marano term for peace) Program of Secretary Delfin Lorenzana.  The Program will create “genuine peace grounded on ethics and values” by reaching out to 180,000 civilian and uniformed personnel of the DND.

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