Going Back To Basics and Building Values

Going Back To Basics and Building Values

The ongoing TWTH-PH Masters Training for Mindanao State University’s (MSU) 11 Campuses has raised interesting points. One question brought to the platform today was,”If the future extremist leaders and rebels are in your class today, how will you teach them?”

There were varied responses from the participants and these were the most significant:

* Teachers are influencers, we provide them the lens and whatever lens we provide them creates the reality that they will see. Educational system is more like lenses. We need to provide them, the students, the appropriate lenses.

* Distinguish the false data. As you teach the future leaders of Marawi, Mindanao, and the country, it is teaching them how to learn. But the learning needs to have real data that they can use from where they saw it. It is being able to give them the theoretical books that can answer their concern in a real way. Then they become leaders of peace and development and not of destruction.

* Look and see the real problems that are faced by the students today and learn and teach what will create solutions to address these real problems.

* Go back to basics of values and ethics. Slowly shift the paradigm. Teach them discipline. Remind them of the importance of values. Integrate ethics.

* Teaching with ethics and values of life for every subject and discipline being taught.

* Use education as a means to inculcate in the minds of the students the negative results of extremism. Keep reminding the students.

* Inculcate hope and ethical solutions to the real problems of Mindanao.

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