Addressing The War On Drugs And Corruption, One Precept At A Time

Addressing The War On Drugs And Corruption, One Precept At A Time

Pasay City, Philippines – Three thousand people gather today for the launch and training of The Way to Happiness: A Common Sense Guide to Better Living at the Cuneta Astrodome with high hopes for lasting solutions to the Philippine war on drugs and corruption.

“Peace and prosperity in the Philippines can only be driven by the ethics and values of the citizenry,” said Jerry Perez De Tagle, chair of The Way to Happiness Philippines Foundation, Inc, main proponent of the event in partnership with Rotary Club Malate Prime and in collaboration with the Philippine National Police (PNP), National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), Rotary International District 3810, and the City of Pasay.

The Way to Happiness offers 21 simple and straightforward principles that people can live by if they are to play a role in the war on drugs and corruption. According to Perez De Tagle, these principles or precepts will pave the way to ethical and values formation of the people which will then provide skills and virtues that prevent them from succumbing to illegal drugs and activities.

“These are lasting and sustainable solutions to cut the demand on drugs which supports what the current government is doing in cutting the supply,” he added. Inspired by the global best practices in social change, TWTH Philippines Foundation supports a common sense education and ethics initiative using the booklet. This is a non-religious and non-political approach that uses the proven 20% tipping point, one book per household, of social change. NCRPO and Region 11 have piloted the dissemination of the book and trainings of police officers. Police Director Oscar Albayalde of NCRPO is convinced that the booklet is a must read for police officers. “It is time to renew our commitment that police officers be morally upright and thus effective public servants.”

Validating Filipinos

The event gathers some local artists like Joey Ayala, Shirley Fuentes, and Star Magic celebrities. David Pomeranz, who recently had a series of Valentine concerts in the Philippines and who has been spreading The Way to Happiness guide for more than 10 years, is calling all Filipinos to read and use the book.

“Filipinos are extremely dear to me. It’s more than a fact that I have been embraced here for my music. Because I have come to know you and the thought of having you enjoy the book is such a joy for me.

“It always brings tears to my eyes. Because you deserve it. This country deserves only the best. Only that. Your artists need to be known worldwide, your state of the art, everything is here. The most important thing, why I am particularly happy about this. It’s because you understand connection.

“You understand relationships, communication, closeness, family, education, how important children are, how important it is to take care of old folks… In the US, I must tell you, we have a lot to learn from you. So this book, aside from giving you data that some people might have forgotten, it’s a validation of who you are. When I read through this, I think of you. And all mankind at their best will do something like this. This is how you live to be happy,” said Pomeranz in a recent luncheon meeting with TWTH Philippines team.

One Precept At A Time

“That valuable traits are already present in most Filipinos is already a good start in the way to happiness and in addressing the current situation in drugs and corruption in the Philippines,”said Perez De Tagle.

He added that winning this war are just first steps. “Ethics and social transformations are the foundations of peace and prosperity. So we call all Filipinos. Read the book, use it in your everyday life, and make sure every household gets their copy.”

Photos by Jasper Bermejo

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