TWTH-Ph’s Trauma Recovery Trainings

1-Day TWTH training with OJ9.  Present are Commodore Samuel Felix, Brigadier General Pascual Bedia, and OJ9 staff. Navy FOIC RAdm Empedrad, DND ASec Bautista with 62 Certified Navy TWTH Trainers Training with the Marines Air Force Command Briefing with Lt. Gen. Kintanar Command Briefing with Marines Commandant Maj. Gen. Parreño Partnering with Bishop Pabillo, Chairman … Read more TWTH-Ph’s Trauma Recovery Trainings

Philippine Navy Charting the Sea of Ethics Training in the Country

The Philippine Navy recently certified 62 Trainers and 5 Master Trainers for The Way To Happiness.  The trainers will then train all 24,000 navy personnel and 25,000 navy reservists by 2018. Present in the training are representatives from the Civil Military Operations Group (CMOG), Fleet Training and Doctrines Center, Headquarters of the Philippine Navy (HPN), … Read more Philippine Navy Charting the Sea of Ethics Training in the Country

TWTH-Ph This Week

The Way To Happiness-Philippines (TWTH-Ph) continues with its series of Trainings. This week, the Philippine Navy’s three-day Trainers’ Training was held at the Headquarters of the Philippine Navy. See pictures below: Opening Programme and Navy logo in TWTH cover. Navy Vice Commander RAdm Allan Cusi opening the Train the Trainer class with 62 participants who … Read more TWTH-Ph This Week